No to Unwanted Hair With nono no! no! Model 8800 Pink


Men and women can say no to unwanted hair, in unwanted places, with nono no! no! Model 8800. The no! no! Professional Hair Removal Treatment uses Thermicon technology. This technology allows the hair removal process to be mild and painless. Many no! no! customers attest to the positive results they have had, after using the product over a period of time.

Mild Painless Hair Removal Using Thermicon Technology

Thermicon technology, for the purpose of permanent hair removal, uses heat centered technology. It does not use any form of light. The process works by sending a gentle pulse of heat down the hair follicle. Next, the hair will separate from your skin, but the heat signal continues down the hair follicle that is unwanted. The root of the hair sh aft is impaired enough to slow the grow th of hair in that area. This method has proven itself to be a gentler way to remove unwanted hair, permanently.

Expect Permanent Hair Removal Over Time

Satisfied users of no! no! have found that using the treatment diligently over time provides the best results, along with following the product instructions. A customer who has struggled with a rapid hair grow th condition, has gone from having to shave daily to only shaving every 4 days. This woman has been a customer for 3 years. Having a gentler painless hair removal experience can require patience in seeing permanent hair removal results.

The No No Hair Removal Model 8800 offers its users a professional hair removal experience from the privacy of their homes. The Thermicon technology is great for people with sensitive skin. It has been effective in sensitive areas, such as the facial area and bikini line. This innovative product has been made cordless and portable, also. It is an effective product for women and men.